Rytons DAMRYT air brick flood protection product testing to PAS 1188 & beyond

Rytons DAMRYT and flood protection range was launched a few months ago and has received a great deal of interest. This very cost effective product at £9.99 can be installed easily by any competent DIY-er, unlike other more expensive products like automatic airbricks which are not only more costly to buy but need a professional to retro-fit, and may even need extra airbricks to give the required ventilation regulations requirements. We also wanted to show that Rytons DamRyt can outperform others available so we designed and commissioned the manufacture of a purpose-built flood tank. Although Rytons DamRyt air brick cover does not require testing to PAS1188 (a standard for flood doors and flood barriers) we used this as our benchmark.

The test involved water being applied at depths of 300mm for 1hr, then increased to 600mm for another 1hr and then increased to 900mm for 48hr. Rytons then decided to test the product to the extreme and tested it to 64hrs with water at a depth of 900mm – none seeped through. We were so confident in the product we even left one of our manager’s laptop on the other side where if water were to come through it would destroy it! But lucky for him his laptop was protected by a DamRyt air brick cover and stayed completely dry.

To show the evidence of the extreme testing we have put together a video – please watch. It’s amazing also to see what damage flood water could do without the protection of Rytons DamRyt air brick cover.