SE Controls solves corridor overheating in multi-storey buildings

An effective solution to overheated corridors and communal spaces in multi-storey residential buildings has been developed by SE Controls, which exploits the versatility and performance of the company’s smoke ventilation systems.

Although routing hot water pipe work through corridors as part of a distributed heating system provides a simple method of feeding individual apartments, it can make the corridors uncomfortably hot for residents and maintenance teams working within the building.

To combat this issue, SE Controls has designed a solution, which allows its smoke ventilation systems to also operate as a precisely controlled passive or mechanically assisted natural ventilation system to help maintain comfortable temperatures and energy efficiency.

By using sensors to monitor the temperature on each floor, the smoke ventilation system’s control panels automatically manage the proportional opening of end of corridor vents, smoke shaft doors and roof vents, which allows the controlled venting of hot air to cool the corridors.