Selling a home more stressful than your wedding day

There is no doubt about it, buying and selling property can be stressful business. New research from leading online estate agent shows that selling a home is more stress than your wedding day.

The research, conducted by independent insight agency Opinion Matters, surveyed over 1,000 home owners and was produced to highlight people’s stress levels when selling a property. 1 in 5 people surveyed indicated that selling a property is the most stressful thing a person can do.

Selling a property can sometimes feel like a life or death situation, but it is no surprise that personal wellbeing topped the poll with nearly half of consumers voting stress levels would be higher waiting for a medical procedure.

Stress levels were also different when analysing results by gender. 36% of females voted Child Birth more stressful than selling a home but for men this declines by 10% to 26%, no surprise considering the imbalance in effort required. Males feel more stress for driving tests, an increase of 5% over females and also 9% higher when trying to find a new job.

From a first date (2% higher than females) to the Wedding Day (5% higher than females), men feel more weight on their shoulders in the journey to marriage.

Age showed to affect stress factors as a result of life stage. For the younger generation of under 24, Child Birth stress levels rises to 43% (up 12%) with medical procedures 36% (down 11%). For the older generation of over 55, medical procedures rises to 51% (up 4%) with property selling stress also increases to 22% (up 3%).

In the same survey, 84% of consumers identified selling a property as stressful with an incredible 21% ranking it 10 out or 10 for stress level.

Property Expert Russell Quirk, CEO of online estate agent commented:

“So now it’s official. Sitting an important exam, getting married or a first date pale into insignificance compared to the protracted and expensive process of moving home. It’s an incredible critique of the current system and, no doubt, says much about the standard of service by the estate agents, mortgage providers and property lawyers involved. Surely it is time for change to the process?”