Shed of the Year winner with Lindum’s Biodiverse Green Roof Mat

The highly sought after Shed of the Year award – Eco section, was won by Eco Bike Hoose, designed and built by Landscape Architect Marcus Shields. Marcus’s house in Camden overlooks the garden and to avoid an unsightly shed roof, they wanted something to be attractive all year round. The idea of a green roof materialised which defined the sustainable approach for the project.

Lindum’s Biodiverse Green Roof Mat was chosen for its mixture of drought tolerant wildflowers, sedum, herbs and flowering perennials which flourish in the conditions created on a green roof.

The green roof utilised a water-cell reservoir to control run-off and retain moisture for the plants.

By using the Biodiverse Green Roof Mat, the shed’s eco qualities were complete and the green roof is visually appealing and attractive all year round.