Shingle roofing solutions for Cradley ‘Eco’ Development

The energy efficient homes, at St Katherine’s Field in Cradley were designed to embrace Zero Carbon by 2016. Forward thinking IE Developments (IED) wanted to tackled the “carbon challenge” using the German PassivHaus approach which lays down some clear guidelines and targets. The aim was to create high specification properties that perform as energy efficient homes, without the need for expensive bolt-ons and renewables.

St Katherine’s field is a development of 7 sustainable and energy efficient properties situated at the edge of the Malvern Hills on a Greenfield site. At the specification and design stage IED worked closely with their architects, Architype, who specialise in the design of highly energy efficient and ecologically sensitive buildings based upon PassivHaus principles. They created the ‘HerefordHaus’ system of 1) An effective thermal envelope 2) Reduction of thermal bridging 3) Air tightness 4) MVHR ventilation systems.

As part of the carefully engineered design, warm cell insulation was used, as was an insulated German foundation system, triple glazed timber windows and John Brash Cedar Shingles for the roof covering. Shingles were chosen for the project for their wonderful natural appearance, environmental credentials, thermal properties, as well as being legally and sustainably procured.

Tim Evans of IE Developments comments

“We are very cynical in the building trade and the ‘green wash’ is very confusing, we’ve been building for 30 years and wanted to move towards more energy efficient homes that still have kerb appeal; They do still have to sell. It’s very hard to make sure that what is produced in theory can be delivered in practice; one of the biggest failing in sustainable building is poor thermal bridging and air leakage. The detailing of all the important junctions of materials was carefully designed and constructed to eliminate typical construction cold spots.”

“We chose the cedar shingles to meet the projects objectives delivering an ‘Eco’ development that performs well and looks good. The roof has a slim fascia detail and was installed to a very high standard by good old fashioned workmanship. The roofing contractor Roofcraft has done a fantastic job.”

“We have learnt so much through the research and specification of this project, what you can draw in an office is not always achievable on site. Now we can take all of that knowledge to the next project and better our results. Once you’ve delivered a project to this standard of energy efficiency there’s no going back.”

The IE Developments project at St Katherine’s Field won the Housebuilder category at the Worcester Bosch Environmental 2020 Awards and is the first UK development to be awarded the Association of Environmentally Conscientious Builders (AECB) ‘Silver’ Standard.

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