Sitecoat proves a hit with East Anglian builders

Fencing contractor, J. Earl Fencing of Bungay, Suffolk, is finding that Norbord’s Sitecoat hoarding product is the panel of choice for discerning builders and developers.

Jon Earl, company owner, says:

“We erect all kinds of fencing throughout Suffolk and Norfolk and that includes a lot of site hoarding work.”

He explains:

“Sites have to be secure and Norbord’s Sitecoat provides a smooth, solid 8-feet high screen, which is what the big developers need.”

He adds that his clients, which include housebuilder, Persimmon Homes, often specify the product.

“The biggest factor in choosing Sitecoat is that it comes primed and ready for painting. We don’t paint the board; we just erect it so the customers appreciate being able to decorate the hoarding without any preparation.”

Sitecoat is made from Norbord’s 18mm moisture-resistant SterlingOSB3 square-edged board. Yet, unlike the standard product, Sitecoat is filled and primed on one side to create a smooth, flat surface which can be painted with the customer’s logo, corporate colours or even a decorative mural.

OSB is the most popular site hoarding panel product, and it is most often the most basic grade that is chosen. This is mainly because of cost and the fact that the hoarding is not designed to be re-used after the building project is completed. However, appearances count – especially on prestige construction projects – and Norbord’s Sitecoat provides that extra touch of class.

Furthermore, ordinary OSB needs more work where painting or branding is required.

Jon Sitecoat,

“We could use use plywood but we’d rather stick with Sitecoat because it stays looking good and has a much better finish”.

He has the added advantage of being made entirely in the UK from sustainable timber; a claim no plywood product can make.

As one of East Anglia’s leading fencing specialists, Jon’s company consumes a lot of Sitecoat, all of which is buys through the Cringleford branch of Norbord distributor, Jewson.

He says:

“At a rough estimate, I’d say we get through an average of 100 sheets of Sitecoat per month – I’ve erected 70 sheets already today!”