Snickers’ foul weather workwear

Staying dry and comfortable in the rain is all about choosing the right garments for the prevailing weather conditions as well as how long you’re working outside in the rain.

Snickers’ waterproofing technologies are woven into in a range of foul weather working clothes that combine style and functionality hallmarks with different types of fabric to deliver specific garments for different conditions.

This unique Active Climate System workwear from Snickers allows you to choose from three different types of rainwear. For staying 100% dry, Snickers’ GORE-TEX jackets deliver maximum comfort and protection if you’re outside for long periods of time.

While if you’re working shorter shifts in the rain, Snickers’ Jackets with the A.P.S (Active System Protection) fabrics will keep you well protected. Alternatively, there’s the PU fabric in the Snickers Rainsuit for reliable protection in showers. So wherever you’re working, whatever the conditions, Snickers will keep you well protected from the elements – more importantly you’ll be comfortable and dry.