Snickers’ Kneepads – ergonomically designed for maximum comfort

If you work a lot on your knees, Snickers’ range of revolutionary Kneepads will deliver cutting edge protection.

Whether you’re a craftsman or woman working in tough working environments, floorlaying or just need all-round knee protection, there’s a Kneepad in the Snickers range to suit the job you’re doing.

They’re all ergonomically designed to suit a wide range of on-site working environments and will mold around your knees for maximum comfort on rough, damp ground and help ward off niggly knee problems and long term injuries.

Every Kneepad in the range is comfortable and efficiently designed to fit the unique KneeGuard™ Positioning System on every pair of Snickers WorkTrousers, so you can pick and choose whatever you need for the job in hand.

So, if you’re on and off your knees a lot each day or just need all round protection, Snickers Kneepads will help you work safely and in comfort wherever you are.