Soundtect re-launch at 100% Design

Soundtect re-launch at 100% Design Innovative designs providing acoustical solutions for Education, Offices, Commercial, Hospitality, Leisure and Domestic applications.

Using recycled materials for their panels, Soundtect™ has managed to camouflage acoustic function with imagination, and produce panels that are technically admirable due to their finely tuned balance of reverberation control and sound absorption.

Soundtect manufacture and supply acoustic treatments for walls and ceilings. Highly design led, these panels dramatically improve audibility in any interior that suffers from reverberation issues. With a collection of panels which are proven to improve acoustic quality including class A, Soundtect sound absorbing acoustic panels are suitable for any environment needing noise reduction solutions.

A newly appointed Managing Director, Mark Cox, formerly of Owa Ceilings, and a recently opened showroom and stock warehouse in Watford, shows how Soundtect has grown steadily since launching their highly design led acoustic panels at 100% Design in 2010, during which time the company has grown into a recognisable and sought after brand across the globe.

Cinema, school, restaurant and office projects are finding the super-efficient and truly innovative panels including the magnificent class A Wave, a great solution not only for acoustic requirements but also for injecting something special into a room or area. The beauty of these panels, and indeed an interior designers dream, is that there are no colour restrictions as the panels, as along with a range of 15 options, can and have in many existing projects, been painted to the colour of choice.

Not only that, Soundtect is incredibly proud to be Green; refusing to allow the lifespan of the recycled plastic bottles used to manufacture the panels to end after their second usage as exhibition carpets, and turning them instead into the super absorbent acoustic panels proudly offered today.

From projects such as quiet rooms in the Belgian Houses of Parliament to a cinema in a Bahamian hotel, the possibilities and sectors are endless.

And now, with a total re-branding including a new website, showroom opening and new collections in the pipeline, Soundtect returns to 100% Design bigger and bolder, before heading worldwide, starting with Batimat in November. A brand on the move, a concept received and requested worldwide, the company riding on the crest of their Wave.

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