SterlingOSB – A name that commands respect

Brand esteem is to be expected when you’re talking luxury goods; but does it matter when you’re talking about a commonplace building material like oriented strand board?

Well, according to recent research on behalf of Norbord, it does! A survey of users and suppliers found that 58 per cent of jobbing builders and 63 per cent of builders’ merchants not only recognise the SterlingOSB name, but say that it’s a name that commands respect.

Made entirely in the UK from British-grown softwood, SterlingOSB is the UK’s leading brand of OSB. Renowned for its quality and durability, it is also environmentally-friendly and competitively priced.

Unlike imported softwood ply, which OSB is rapidly supplanting in many applications, SterlingOSB is of a consistent high quality, with excellent performance characteristics.

Both FSC-certified and CE-marked for structural use, SterlingOSB can be relied upon to be sustainably-sourced and fit for purpose.

Availability is also a key advantage, with a nationwide distribution network ensuring prompt delivery.

Customers expect quality, reliability and affordability when selecting building materials. Norbord guarantees all three; and that’s why SterlingOSB is a name that people respect.

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