SterlingOSB – a name that means business

When you buy a commodity product like cement or aggregate, the name on the packaging seldom matters. But that’s not the case with OSB, it seems.

Recent research carried out on behalf of Norbord has found that a whopping 80 per centof both builders and builders’ merchants react positively to the SterlingOSB brand name.

SterlingOSB is one of the UK’s leading brand of oriented strand board and the name and logo can be seen on building sites the length and breadth of the UK.

With a reputation for quality, durability and availability, the name SterlingOSB carries weight with both buyers and stockists.

The term “Sterling board” has even become a generic term for all OSB – a fact that, while flattering, has potential negative impact when applied to inferior products.

You can always tell genuine SterlingOSB because the name and logo is printed clearly on the product.

So if you want the real deal and all the benefits of buying a quality, UK-made product, SterlingOSB is the name to look out for.

This might also explain why a surprising 46 per cent of merchant staff also recall SterlingOSB by name when asked about OSB generically.

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