SterlingOSB StrongFix – for heavyweight fixtures and fittings in dry lining applications from Norbord

The new SterlingOSB StrongFix panel has been designed to strengthen and provide secure anchorage areas in metal C-stud dry lining applications, for fixtures and fittings up to 400kg – such as cabinets, radiators, wash basins and railings.

Simple to fit, SterlingOSB StrongFix is precision-engineered to fit metal C-stud walls with 600mm centres. A continuous recess down one side allows quick installation and ensures a seamless finish, ready for hanging plasterboard without adding extra thickness to the stud wall.

The pre-prepared panels boast the same inherent qualities as SterlingOSB3 which, unlike ply, has no knots or voids and a consistent density throughout that allows fixings to hold securely at any point across the board.  Additionally, in accordance with the requirements of BS5234 Part 2, it achieves excellent pull-out ratings and is capable of supporting heavyweights of up to 400kg with standard wood screws.

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