Stylish solution to assist supported living

Britain’s brand leader in helpful toileting solutions has developed a stylish solution to help developers of assisted and supported living communities future-proof the homes.

Clos-o-Mat, the British-based manufacturer of the Clos-o-Mat range of bidet (wash & dry) toilets, has introduced a new range, designed to enable elderly and disabled people have a stylish bathroom that can be easily adapted, evolved to meet immediate, and future, needs.

The Vita range of bidet toilets looks like, and can be used as, conventional WCs. All have built-in douching and drying, so, if required/ preferred, the user is hygienically and consistently cleaned afterwards without they – or their carer- having to clean with toilet tissue. Further, as the occupant’s needs change, accessories can be added to help them retain their ability to toilet without help.

The UK’s biggest-selling bidet toilet, the Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita, is floor-mounted; the Lima Vita gives a wall-hung variant; the Lima Lifter has integrated, fully automatic, height adjustability.

Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat marketing manager observes,

“The bathroom is the most common part of a home that needs adapting. If you are specifically building properties for elderly and disabled people, with the ethos of helping them live independently, it makes sense to design the bathroom from the outset to minimise subsequent alterations,”

“Throughout our 55+ years’ history, we have always endeavoured to develop solutions in which the functionality is designed with the end user in mind, whilst being aware that style needs to be included too. The latest range gives sleek, contemporary aesthetics with the best performance available in the market. And providers have the added peace of mind that all our equipment is made in Britain, with British, nationwide service & technical support.”

HB Villages is just one supported living developer understanding the benefits, through its assistive technology partner ATEL. It already, where needed by the potential occupant, switches a conventional WC for a Clos-o-Mat, having created the infrastructure from the outset to link design and essential services.

Full details of the Vita range, plus a raft of specification support material such as CAD blocks, ‘how it works’ video, technical specifications and white papers, can be found at