Tectite makes plumbers’ lives easier – and slashes installation times

Rigorous testing has shown that Pegler Yorkshire’s innovative Tectite push-fit system can cut installation times by up to 75 per cent without sacrificing durability and versatility.

In separate trials, world-renowned construction business Balfour Beatty and market-leading pipework company MEP Solutions compared the Tectite solution with two more traditional methods, namely threaded joint and press-fit.

Using Tectite fittings, MEP’s installers were able to create a prefabricated module containing three separate services four times faster than when using the threaded joint method.

Tectite’s flexible, easy-to-use system also proved twice as quick as press-fit.

What’s more, Tectite passed MEP’s durability examination with flying colours. The module survived a 500-mile trip around the roads of the UK without picking up a single leak –  despite minimal supports being attached in construction to ensure it would receive rough treatment.

Balfour Beatty’s results were similarly impressive, with the Tectite push-fit system cutting the installation of a similar module from 1 hour 17 minutes using press-fit to 1 hour flat.

Ray Barclay at MEP said:

“When we were asked to create a prefabricated module using only Pegler Yorkshire Tectite fittings, it was a relief to discover that these were readily available to use.”

“Also noticeable was the consistency of the fitting sizes – this makes life easier for offsite manufacture.

“The ability to simply pick up a part and push it in place reduces the need for any of the typical jointing methods, which not only increases the speed of production but also reduces injuries and eradicates crimping errors and the cost of buying and maintaining crimping tools.”

As well as reducing installation times, Tectite brings many advantages over traditional methods.

Its wide range of fittings is compatible with a variety of materials – including copper tube, PEX and PB pipe, carbon and stainless steel – and its valves can be rotated for ease of access.

Some demountable Tectite fittings can even be swapped out once installed, thus future-proofing any installations and massively reducing the cost of repairs.  And, because Tectite fittings are so easy and safe to use, only one installer is required, increasing productivity and freeing up staff to work on other jobs.

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