Testo’s Saveris 2 for monitoring building drying process remotely

Monitoring building drying or laying of screed can take weeks or even months. Saveris 2 from testo, is a cloud based measuring solution, enabling you to take control and monitor the whole drying process remotely.

Data is accessible via any internet enabled smart phone, tablet, PC or laptop. Temperature and humidity values are monitored and recorded continuously and alerts sent by email and SMS if critical values are exceeded, thus enabling early intervention and prevention of costly and time consuming remedial work. Temperature and Humidity Wi-Fi loggers start from just £179.

  • Predict & document screed and building drying status
  • Accurately monitor temperature and humidity levels
  • Remote browser based monitoring 24/7
  • Save time wasted on un-necessary site visits
  • Simple plug & play setup
  • Can use mobile GSM routers – no need for installed Wi-Fi or networks

Saveris 2 WI-FI loggers have a number of advantages over both conventional data loggers and monitoring systems. Here’s a breakdown of the features:

Automatic reports
With Saveris 2 loggers you are sent reports automatically, via email. This way you aren’t required to manually extract any data from your loggers, saving you time and inconvenience. These can be sent daily, weekly or monthly (it’s up to you!).

Free email & SMS alerts
Email alerts are unlimited and you will receive 25 free SMS alerts a year (per logger). If you require more SMS messages than this additional SMS bundles are available for purchase.

Options to meet your requirements
With 5 logger variants for both temperature and humidity, Saveris 2 loggers can cover a variety of measuring ranges depending on your requirement.

Mobile friendly
Reports are accessible via PC, tablet or smartphone, so are able to keep on top of things wherever you are.

Affordable and simple to use
Monitoring systems are usually expensive and require time-consuming installation, not to mention maintenance. With a Saveris 2 system it couldn’t be easier to set up and get started.

24-month warranty
As standard Testo offers an extended warranty for Saveris 2 loggers so you can also relax knowing you’re covered for a 2 year period.

Free advanced cloud license
Licensing is completely free of charge, without any additional fees. Right now Testo also offers for free ‘advanced’ cloud licensing, which includes added extra. Please contact us for more details on this.


About Saveris 2

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