The easy way to see what your new garage door looks like

UK garage door manufacturer, Garador is constantly looking for new ways to help their customers when choosing a new garage door. Feedback from customers has shown that most would like to see what a garage door will look like on the house before they buy, so they have developed a unique new website tool called Visualise your Door.

Visualise your Door lets you quickly upload a picture of a property, insert an image of a new garage door, and then view it or print if off. The online tool has been carefully created to be fast and easy to operate from a desktop PC or tablet.

All you need to do is to take a picture of the property – smart phones can do this so quickly – and then upload it to the new Garador online tool Visualise your Door. Once uploaded, you just need to use the toggle buttons on your garage door panel to get the door into the correct position. You can then choose from all the Garador garage doors on offer by scrolling through the options on the right side of the screen, including all the colours, at just the click of a button.

Making adjustments with a mouse, or just your fingertips on an iPad, you can see exactly what styles and colours of garage door will work best with the existing style and architectural features. 

Garador’s managing director Simon Hipgrave explained that the company has been working on Visualise your Door for some time.

“We’ve designed it for use in all modern devices, from traditional laptops and desktop computers with a mouse to tablet devices like the iPad. It’s taken a lot of work to perfect, but our web development team has done a top job and we are sure it will be a great tool to help our customers find the best looking door for their property. “

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