The house that Sterling OSB built

Norbord’s Sterling OSB can be seen by millions of building-mad TV viewers on a daily basis as the versatile panel is one of those products that seems to get everywhere due to its remarkable versatility, strength and price.

Yet now, due to another asset, beauty, Sterling OSB has become the star of the show when it was used to build a whole house while remaining unpainted and raw for all to see! Every wall, along with parts of the roof and floor, are made from the stunning panel.

A recent episode of BBC Two’s “The House That £100k Built featured twice-widowed, Sumati Bala, who thought she had found the perfect spot to spend the rest of her life: a beautifully located cottage in need of updating just outside Berwick upon Tweed. She moved in and planned to run her small cookery school there but the house of her dreams soon turned into a nightmare as serious problems emerged, from asbestos to rising damp. With the house condemned, Sumati was forced to knock down the troubled cottage and try to build a new one in its place. As the bulldozers moved in, she witnessed the bulk of her life savings pulled to the ground and, with just £50,000 left, she had to start from scratch. Homeless, with no self-build experience or family nearby, Sumati faced the monumental challenge alone.

To help Sumati make the most of her incredibly tight budget, architectural journalist, Kieran Long and architect, Piers Taylor, helped to steer her in the right direction. After a trying time, Sumati now has a unique, beautiful home – a testament to her strength and that of Sterling OSB!”

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