Think safe – think warm! Snickers’ ‘Third Layer’ weather protection

Snickers’ unique ‘Three Layer work clothes principle’ keeps you working at your best. The soft wicking polyester in Snickers’ ‘First Layer’ underwear keeps your body warm and dry, while the ‘Second Layer’ garments will insulate your body by creating a pocket of air around it to keep you warm.

Over and above these superb working clothes, Snickers’ ‘Third Layer’ jackets and trousers deliver reliable weather protection against rain, wind, hail and snow along with advanced ventilation plus in-built functionality to control and regulate the heat from your body.

These waterproof, breathable, strong and durable outer garments – like Snickers’ new advanced A.P.S. working clothes – will keep you working in comfort, at your best, whatever the working environment or weather conditions.

So THINK SAFE – because staying warm in the cold is crucial for your safety at work. In the cold your ability to react is hampered, you become less effective and risk making bad decisions… and THINK WARM – by choosing the right garments to give you the ability to regulate the heat from your body.

That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do when you adopt the Snickers Workwear ‘Three Layer Principle’ – with the very best in working clothes to ensure outstanding functionality and working comfort on site.

Getting information on Snickers working clothes for the winter is easy. You can call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788, checkout the website and download a digital catalogue at or email info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)