ULI hosts Residential Council Day to look into the future of real estate

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) is hosting its inaugural Residential Council Day on June 4, bringing together key players from across the real estate industry to discuss and debate the need for modernisation in the construction sector.

With a recent report by McKinsey highlighting the structural problems in the construction industry – lack of digitalisation, low productivity levels and a looming skills crisis – the event provides a great opportunity to discuss solutions to avert the sector’s decline.

The event takes place on Monday, June 4, at Here East in Stratford, London, the former Olympic Broadcast Centre and now a site that brings together business, tech, media, education and data in the pursuit of innovation. The overarching theme for the day is “Construction Modernisation: Myth or Reality?”, to reflect the growing concerns over the industry’s prospects.

Mark Farmer, CEO at Cast, Rosie Toogood, CEO at Legal & General Modular Homes, Alastair Parvin, co-founder at WikiHouse Foundation, and Martin McDonnell, CEO, Sublime, will all be speaking on the panel.

The event will end with a debate and site tour presentations by of some of Here East’s innovative tenants around the UCL campus, The Gantry (WikiHouse), Hobbs 3D Studio and Plexal Innovation Centre.

The ULI UK Residential Council Day precedes the ULI UK Annual Conference on 5th June. The conference, hosted by UBS at 5 Broadgate, London, will discuss the significant transformations taking place in the real estate industry driven by politics, gig-economics, society, demographics and the impact of AI, robotics and other technologies.

Link to event: https://uk.uli.org/event/uli-uk-residential-council-day-construction-modernisation-myth-reality/

Mark Farmer, CEO at Cast, said:

“Modernise or Die” represented a call to arms for the construction sector to grasp the opportunities offered by modernisation before it’s too late. In the 18 months since publication, the Grenfell tragedy and the demise of Carillion have amplified the nature of the choices facing the industry. Amongst these unprecedented events though, there are signs that positive change is finally afoot.

“The ULI’s Residential Council Day is a great opportunity to shine a light on some of the most exciting and significant areas of emerging industry disruption. There will be presentations by the leading exponents of manufacture-led digital design, immersive tech including AR & VR as well as industrialised offsite manufacturing.”