VASCO: 2019 be bold and embrace colour

Colour predictions for 2019

2019 is the year of colour – so banish the beige and embrace vivacious and vibrant colours such as a Carmine Red or Melon Yellow from Vasco’s extensive, contemporary colour palette.

Be bold and beautiful when selecting a radiator, break away from safe, muted shades in favour of intense show-stopping colours. White and cream effortlessly blend into a room, but a bolder colour can be just the wake-up call a room needs.

VASCO’s carefully selected palette of 56 colours is guaranteed to help inject new life into your home. Until recently if you wanted a colourful radiator – you painted it yourself and hoped the finish wouldn’t look too unprofessional.

Historically, cast-iron radiators tended to be the same colour as the walls, as the radiator was viewed as a functional piece of equipment that needed to be disguised. This is no longer true; as the heat efficiency and design of radiators has improved they have been embraced by interior designers enabling VASCO’s radiators to now take centre stage.

Advantages of Colour Radiators

A designer radiator in a bright or contrasting colour can be a wonderful statement piece and is an ideal way of introducing a colour accent to a room without over powering the space. In a living room where white dominates, it’s better to choose a radiator in a dark or strong colour; such as wine red, dark green or even petrol blue. This bold accent can then be picked up with accessories or soft furnishings. In 2019, whether you opt for a dark blue, black, metal or soft pastel colour – a designer radiator will not fail to enhance a room.


Founded in 1975, VASCO offers a broad range of top quality heating and ventilation solutions worldwide but primarily in Europe. VASCO is the undisputed market leader in decorative design radiators both in the Benelux and its neighbouring countries. The quality brands in panel radiators are Superia for Belgium and Brugman for Germany, France and the Netherlands. VASCO underfloor heating systems are only marketed in Belgium. VASCO also specialises in energy-efficient and low-noise ventilation systems. VASCO has its headquarters in Dilsen, Belgium. The production plants are located in Belgium the Netherlands and Poland. VASCO Group employs some 600 staff and is part of the Arbonia Group.