VEKA gets an A+ (or three) from the BFRC

VEKA has updated its WER calculators to reflect the new BFRC SEL A+ scheme.

The BFRC is now accepting applications for the new ‘A+’ band, which applies to windows only.

Any BFRC ‘A’ rated product which achieves a rating index of 10 or more can be upgraded to an ‘A+’ and VEKA is one of the first major systems companies to be granted the new ‘A+’ licenses.

VEKA’s Matrix 70 andMatrix Fully Sculptured casement windows and Vertical Sliding systems are now available with a rating of A+ thanks to the Simplified Energy License (SEL) Scheme.

The SEL initiative from the BRFC combines the benefits of a simpler, more flexible rating system with stringent control and auditing.

Sales and Marketing Director of The VEKA UK Group, Colin Torley explains:

“VEKA has long been at the forefront of environmental innovations within the industry, so it is no surprise that we should be one of the first systems companies to upgrade our WER calculators to take into account the new BFRC SEL A+ scheme.

“It has always been of great benefit to us and our customers to remain ahead of the curve when addressing energy-efficiency practices. When the Building Regulations were updated to include WERs as a route to compliance, fabricators of The VEKA UK Group’s brands were better placed than most.

“We strive to be quick off the mark when it comes to the latest industry developments, so we can best serve our customers. If we can offer our products with the coveted A+ rating, it means our customers can do the same and they can continue to build their businesses on our world-renowned reputation.

“As a BFRC registered systems company, our fabricators will be able to calculate their ratings in a very simple manner, easily categorising their products as A+, A, B or C rated.

“Our commitment to energy efficiency is not a new initiative: Not only was VEKA’s the very first window system in the UK to gain an ‘A’ rating, we were also the first window systems company in the world to invest in our own closed-loop recycling plant.

“When it comes to energy efficiency, The VEKA UK Group is not only concerned about the performance of its products, but also the way in which our systems are produced. Since 2008, we have worked tirelessly to develop and introduce energy-saving measures that will gradually reduce our carbon footprint. Through the implementation of these measures we have managed to save a massive 2208 tonnes of carbon from being emitted.”