VELFAC composite glazing – with added expertise

Specify VELFAC glazing and gain access to 360° consultancy – the expertise you need to make your project a success.

We offer free cost consultancy, a comprehensive BIM library, and a national network of Approved VELFAC installers. We can also provide expert advice on a range of performance parameters, including acoustic control, security, energy, indoor climate and sustainability.

Expert advice for housebuilders
We also understand the specific challenges facing residential developers, from managing budget to scheduling windows delivery. Our expert team is on hand to provide the technical and design support required to ensure projects stay on budget and on time, generating maximum value for your investment.

Adding value with performance consultancy
With over 25 years’ experience of window design and manufacture, our consultancy services help you make the most of the VELFAC aluminium/timber glazing system. Tap into our expertise at every project stage, from initial ideas to installation, to ensure your window specification meets and exceeds performance expectations.

Find out more
For more information on the VELFAC composite glazing system, and our range of consultancy services, visit: or call: 01223 897184