VELFAC for housing – impressive protection, whatever the weather

As summer turns to autumn, priorities change for housebuilders – and their prospective buyers – from fresh air and open spaces to warmth and comfort.

VELFAC composite aluminium/wood windows, doors, and casement doors offer both. The expertly designed slim framed system delivers impressive thermal insulation while maximising daylight, keeping draughts out, heat in and energy bills low, allowing residents to enjoy every room, any time of year.

The VELFAC composite system meets the highest standards of air and water tightness, and wind resistance, and offers U-values as low as 0.8W/m²k (for triple glazed units) delivering excellent thermal insulation throughout the colder months. Optional low energy coated glass can further minimise heat loss (and solar gain), and is the ideal solution for large windows, glazed curtain walls or patio doors, enabling full use of floor space, right up to the window.

VELFAC composite frames are also highly robust and durable, whatever the climate or location, and won’t need repainting for the lifetime of the unit – another key benefit for future residents.

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