We are all paying the price for the biomass subsidy debacle

The revamp of the popular Use Wood Wisely website – www.usewoodwisely.co.uk  answers the demand for more easily-digestible and understandable information on the contentious issue of UK power stations burning wood to generate electricity.

Hosted by Norbord, leader in panel products, the site explains the intricacies of the argument which has seen industry confront government over the issue of subsidies provided to biomass power plants amongst other related topics.

Key points which are highlighted are –

  • Solid woody biomass (dedicated and co-fired) received over £800 million in ROC subsidies in 2015.
  • DRAX power station received £576 million in ROC subsidies in 2016.
  • 59% of the UK’s wood supply for bioenergy was imported from North America in 2015.
  • Burning wood releases all of it stored CO² instantly.

Use Wood Wisely is part of Norbord’s efforts to raise awareness of environmental issues affecting the UK and debates the pressing need for sustainable and renewable energy sources.

For further information on Norbord, please call 01786 812 921 or visit www.usewoodwisely.co.uk to have your say; or www.norbord.co.uk.