Window security – a clear solution

By Martin Oates – Commercial Director with SE Controls

Window security is a key design requirement with all market leading systems tested to the PAS 24 standard to meet the demands of the Secure By Design (SBD) initiative and Building Regulations Approved Document Q (ADQ).

Automated windows that are utilised for ventilation strategies will also need to comply to the standard, which requires the actuators to resist 3000N of negative force when the window is closed. This is becoming commonplace in applications such as school refurbishment where façade automation remains a popular and cost effective solution of providing improved ventilation performance over manually operated windows.

The SECO N 24 25 twin actuator from SE Controls has successfully passed the PAS 24 test and in addition to presenting physical resistance to intruders, it also provides a signal to the controller, should the window fail to close fully, to maintain the integrity of the security system, as requested by the SBD schools standard. Two locking points in one neat enclosure with programmable gasket relief optimise weather performance and security to meet BS 6375 parts one, two and three in addition to the PAS 24 test.

Bespoke fixing brackets and reinforcement to the window is often required to provide sufficient strength for the fixing, which is usually the weakest point of resistance, as the actuator provides two x 4000N of resistance to forced opening.

The ability to manufacture bespoke body lengths allows SE Controls to locate the locking points on different size windows exactly as tested, relative to the corners, to maintain consistency of performance and compliance. Test conducted with an actuator located at the centre of a vent will either not pass the test or can only be utilised for different widths.

Similar to EN12101-2, the fabrication and installation solution requires a process that is audited by an independent notified body and must be re-tested annually.

If you have requirements for SBD or ADQ certified automated windows, please contact the SE Controls team for further information.