Your one stop for sustainability news – The Eco Technology Show returns to Brighton

11-12 June 2015, American Express Stadium, Brighton @EcoTechShow

The seemingly endless housing boom may be good news for owners, but builders aren’t seeing much of the bonanza. Nevertheless you are expected to deliver on sustainability, whether it is through the choice of building materials or the provision of electric vehicle charging points, and deciding on priorities is a constant challenge.

Brighton’s Eco Technology Show provides a great opportunity to step back and take an overview of the latest ideas and thinking. The two-day event is packed full of free talks and Q&A panel sessions. These are spread across three seminar areas, five meeting rooms and a communications hub where visitors can get free advice from experts.

The event, now in its fourth year, has firmly established itself as the South’s premier showcase for new ideas and thinking on the practical use of low carbon solutions. It therefore attracts interest from leaders in industry and government departments, who make up an impressive panel of expert speakers and panel leaders. Setting the scene will be Lord Rupert Redesdale, founder of the Energy Managers’ Association who has once again chosen the Eco Technology Show as a platform for his campaign to transform the energy usage in the UK.

For developers in particular, the Eco Technology Show will showcase innovation in build materials, and provide the information, tools and latest legislative updates to assist the development of energy efficient buildings.

As well as a show floor packed with 120 exhibitors showcasing advanced and leading-edge heating and control technologies, this year’s Show also boasts a new Innovation Zone that will demonstrate the newest low carbon and environmental products and solutions that can help developers add value to their properties; all important at a time when buyers are increasingly energy and resource efficiency conscious. Examples of these brand new ideas are the Waterblade adaptor which will drastically reduce the water flow through taps, flexible solar panels and a robot for insulating hard-to-reach areas.

Using and reusing expensive resources efficiently is of course a subject close to any developer’s heart and is another key theme of the Eco Technology Show. Andy Lewry, Principal Consultant at the Sustainable Energy Team, BRE, will discuss the latest solutions for energy management during the build process.

Other highlights for developers seeking to add green value to properties will include:

  • How to achieve an affordable Code 5 home: Learn from Nicola Thomas, director at Arch Angels Architects on how to build a home that meets stringent environmental performance criteria can be made affordable.
  • Achieving part L and beyond in the face of regulatory uncertainty: Martin Russell of RICS explains how to comply with regulations when it comes to the conservation of fuel and power.
  • The benefits of retrofitting domestic properties: Hear from speakers of the Low Carbon Trust about why making home improvements geared around energy efficiency is a good thing.
  • The energy express retrofit solution: Learn about this ‘Kwik Fit’ approach to domestic retrofit from Energy Express MD Philip Strong.
  • How do we engage consumers more: Phillip Sellwood, Energy Saving Trust CEO, on his firm’s research into consumer attitudes to renewables and energy efficiency.
  • Renewable heat – the solutions: Find out how the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme pays households for renewable energy they generate from Patrick Allcorn of the Domestic RHI.
  • Reducing utility bills through green energy: Green Energy Consulting’s Dr Kyle Crombie demonstrates, using real life examples and case studies, just how much money you can save through renewable energy solutions.

Electric vehicles (EVs) and charging points are now familiar sights on our roads and, charging facilities are now expected in new build properties. EVs will be promoted by actor, comic and writer Robert Llewellyn. He has always been a science and technology enthusiast, even before he played the mechanoid Kryten in the hit sitcom Red Dwarf. Now perhaps known for his role as presenter of Scrapheap Challenge he is also an advocate of using and reusing resources efficiently, another key theme of the Eco Technology Show. His presentation on electric vehicles and community car clubs is sure to be particularly popular, as will the opportunities to look over the latest electric vehicles from Brighton Mitsubishi and Chandlers Brighton BMW.

All of the talks at the Show are free and there’s no need to book, but you may find it worthwhile to visit the show’s website so you can plan your day. If you pre-register, you’ll also be assured of fast track VIP entry on the day.

Eco Technology Show Director Nicola Gunstone says:

“Interest in investing in eco technology is at an all time high; and the new and updated ideas and opportunities on show will be a welcome surprise to visitors. If you thought you knew what is currently practical in green build technology, think again and plan a visit to the Eco Technology Show.”

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