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Bringing our readers unique, high-value content is something which netMAGmedia is always investing in. As such, we have partnered with audience research firm Edge Insight to survey our readerships on key topics which matter to them. From offsite construction, to Passivhaus, to remote monitoring of social housing, our survey findings are captured in sponsored White Papers and circulated among our audiences to develop specific market knowledge.

Below are some of our recent White Papers. Please fill out the form below to sign up to our mailing list and download the full reports.


Exploring current thinking on modern methods of construction - May 2021

Housebuilding in the UK is suffering multiple crises at present, from rising costs, to low supply and a lack of skilled tradesmen.

While not a new technology, modular housing is seeing a resurgence in this country, and many argue that it has the potential to address all these issues. With 40 per cent of housebuilders still having never used offsite methods, however, it appears the technology is not being utilised to its full potential.

This research aims to find out why this is, what housebuilders and developers currently think of the differing forms of offsite building, and what are its main benefits and barriers.

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