Episode #7

In the seventh edition of Building Insights, and the first to feature a self-builder, editor of Selfbuilder and Homemaker magazine James Parker speaks to Diane Newbery, who has two projects under her belt, both challenging but for different reasons.

Episode #6

With Government ratcheting up the focus on SuDS as a key method of future-proofing new housing developments against flooding, we spoke to a passionate SuDS advocate, landscape architect Sue Illman. As well as sharing practical approaches, she gave her thoughts on our Industry Viewfinder survey findings.


Episode #5

In this episode, Jack Wooler, deputy editor of Housing, Management & Maintenance magazine, speaks to Jack Dangerfield of the Town and Country Planning Association, or TCPA, about the omission of legislation around the health of a home, as well as the state of planning in the UK as a whole at present.

Episode #4

In the fourth instalment of Building Insights, architect Alina White of Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios speaks to the managing editor of ADF, James Parker, about sustainability and wellness in commercial buildings, and ADFs recent survey of architects on Sustainability and Wellness in Commercial Buildings.


Episode #3

In the third episode of Building Insights, Antony Wood, executive director of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), speaks to the managing editor of Architects’ Datafile, James Parker, about the future of tall building design. As Architects Datafile’s recent survey of architects showed, the emphasis is shifting to more attractive, more sustainable mixed use buildings – which offer spatial qualities not seen before in dense city clusters.

Episode #2

In the second instalment of Building Insights, Dr Gavin Dunn of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers speaks to the managing editor of Housebuilder & Developer, James Parker, about how the Future Homes Standard (FHS) can be delivered. He also discusses some of the findings of our HBD White Paper survey report on how the industry percives the FHS and its introduction. Thanks to our sponsors WMS, Recticel, Epic Insulation, LG, Schock and Mitsubishi Electric.

Episode #1

Sarah Lewis, architect and research and policy director at the Passivhaus Trust, gives netMAGmedia’s managing editor James Parker some clear, candid and revealing insights into what it takes to ‘go Passivhaus,’ with an infectious enthusiasm for achieving success in this demanding area. She also tackles some of the findings of our ADF White Paper survey report on Passivhaus, which should provide some further revelations for any architects interested in this area. Thanks to our sponsors, Schöck and Lamilux.

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