‘A’ rated protection for single builds to small developments

Research is key when selecting insurances and a structural warranty for your new home or housing development. The higher the financial rating of an insurance company, the less likely it is that it will suffer financial problems and cease operating. As an insurance customer, you need to research companies that you know will pay out in the unfortunate case of a claim. Read More

Why property developers need an ‘A’ rated insurer for new home warranties

When you build a new property, it’s crucial you ensure it has a New Home Warranty in place so you can sell it easily and protect the buyer. But with a range of warranty providers in the market, how do you know who to choose? It’s simple – always go for an ‘A’ Rated provider, or you risk choosing an unstable company that could leave you uninsured. Read More

What is driving the requirements of new build housing?

From 2025, all new homes in England have to be greener, energy-efficient, and more affordable for people to heat and stay warm. The introduction of the Future Homes Standard will help to cut carbon emissions by 75% to 80% in all new homes built from 2025 and forms a vital step in the UK’s ambition of reaching its 2050 net-zero target. Read More

Protecting your investment with a structural warranty

Structural Warranty & Site Insurance News – This article will help you to understand how to protect yourself, get the right cover in place for your building project, and the difference between site insurance and structural warranties. Read More