Adding value to your home through curb appeal

Curb appeal is becoming increasingly more important when building or selling a home, as the rise in images of attractive homes becoming readily available on social media, and first impressions count more than ever.

This means that not only do prospective buyers have high expectations, but it also doesn’t take much searching to find outside images of a home. Considering the curb appeal of a new build is extremely important, but if you’re working on a renovation project, there are steps that should be considered. Improving the curb appeal of a property will mean you will be able to command higher prices from buyers and reduce selling time drastically. We are now in an age where curb appeal can make or break a deal! With that in mind, Aster Group discuss how to ensure a properties curb appeal is up to scratch.

Clean the exterior

One of the first steps to improving curb appeal is to wash the exterior of the house, something which is often neglected. You can wash exteriors by simply using a bucket of soapy water and a long-handled brush, or if you want to make the job a little easier and quicker you can hire a power washer. Hiring a power washer will help you with most aspects of the cleaning, such as washing your porch, driveway and pavements. While you are washing the exterior of the house make sure you don’t miss the front door and garage door as these are both equally as important. Make sure to clean the guttering, or hire a professional to do so, and remove any cobwebs. Another huge part of the exterior appeal of your house is the windows. If window replacement isn’t an option, it’s important to make sure the windows are crystal clean both inside and out. A clean porch is key to great curb appeal as it is essentially the first impression a buyer will get of your home. By cleaning the porch and adding some accents such as a colourful plant, you can improve the buyer’s perception of the home before they step in the door.

Refresh the paint

Once you have cleaned the exterior, you will be able to decide whether you need to touch up any paint. If the house is painted, check for any chips or scratches and repaint if necessary. An important thing to note when repainting the exterior of your house is to stick with basic colours, preferably one that will match the neighbouring house. Any drastic, standout colours will deter buyers and could reduce the value of your house significantly. You should also assess whether any painted accents need touch ups such as doors, pillars and fencing. A fresh coat of paint will make the exterior of you house look clean and fresh.


Rather than taking a hit on the overall selling price, it is best to do any necessary repairs before selling the house. You should make sure to replace any old garage doors, front doors, broken or cracked windows and damaged guttering where possible. Arguably, most importantly make sure that the roof is in good condition. The roof is one of the key things’ buyers consider when purchasing a house. Make sure it is clean and in great condition.

Fix up the garden

As you would imagine, the garden is a huge part of curb appeal. There are a few small changes you can make to the landscaping, to make the property appear more appealing. Use a lawn feeder to keep grass looking healthy and green, make sure to remove any overgrown bushes and replace them with some colourful plants. Adding exterior security lighting is largely desirable for buyers and something to consider if the property doesn’t currently have it.

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