AeroBarrierUK headlines Future of Airtightness Event at the Building Performance Hub

AeroBarrierUK, a trailblazer in air-tightness solutions, recently took centre stage at the Building Performance Hub event held on Wednesday, 10th January. This event, attended by devolved government representatives and UK government advisors, highlighted AeroBarrierUK’s Connect Sealing System as a groundbreaking innovation, demonstrating a significant leap towards scaling low-energy, low-carbon homes through reducing draughts.

The Future of Airtightness event also showcased a number of industry innovations, with AeroBarrierUK headlining the days with a live seal of the Building Performance Hub’s Training Suite. This demonstration culminated in an impressive draught reduction two-thirds to achieve outstanding low-energy airtightness results of 1.23 ACH50, providing EnerPHit-standard airtightness results. Furthermore, AeroBarrierUK’s award-winning system achieved this in under 1 hour of sealing time, with its targeted and scientific sealing system using less than 1.5 litres of material – reducing on-site waste, improving delivery speed and guaranteeing improved energy performance.

AeroBarrier Connect, the revolutionary sealing system at the core of AeroBarrierUK’s success, guarantees a specific level of air tightness. Using patented technology, the system employs a modified blower door test, pressurizing buildings and applying a non-toxic mist coat to seamlessly seal any leaks. Real-time monitoring of air-tightness levels ensures predictability, repeatability, and reliability for both domestic and commercial projects.

The AeroBarrier System addresses gaps as minuscule as the width of a human hair up to 12mm, achieving air-tightness ratings ranging from the UK building standard of 5m3/hm2 to outstanding Passivhaus levels of 0.11m3/hm3. Its efficiency, proven to be at least three times faster than traditional methods, mitigates concerns about human error and test failures during construction, enhancing overall quality assurance.

Utilizing a blower door test, the AeroBarrier team analyses real-time data readings to track the distribution of the sealant in the space. Once the desired air-tightness level is achieved, the sealing process concludes, followed by a final blower door test to verify the results. Post-sealing cleanup takes mere minutes, allowing other site work to resume shortly thereafter. Clients receive a Certificate of Completion detailing pre- and post-leakage results for the work undertaken.

AeroBarrier’s sealant, a water-soluble organic compound, is proven safe with ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and GreenGuard Gold certification. Its inactive nature eliminates the need for chemical reactions to form a seal, ensuring no off-gassing or airborne release of harmful chemicals into building envelopes, maintaining the designed indoor air quality.

Hugh Franklin, Head of AeroBarrierUK, expressed immense pride in AeroBarrierUK’s impact within the UK building industry, stating, “The Future of Airtightness event highlights not only how the industry is becoming more perceptive to the need to deliver more high-quality buildings for a low-carbon future, but also how companies such as AeroBarrierUK can offer tangible and scalable systems to provide air tightness solutions in this era of climate change and energy conservation.”