BLANCO prepares for showroom training – as well as continuing the digital way

BLANCO’s bespoke sales and business development training programmes have always been popular with customers and the past year has proved no different – even though they were conducted remotely for obvious reasons. Today, even though doors are opening once again, the digital training programmes look set to continue where relevant and when a customer who may be a retailer, merchant or contractor/installer, requires.

Craig Condie, BLANCO’s National Sales Manager, explains,

“We are completely revamping our St Albans showroom at the moment and plan to launch face-to-face training sessions there as soon as possible. In the meantime, we do have customers who love the digital versions – which are all customised – as they can take advantage of all the great tips in one online hour. No travel time needed!”.

BLANCO has always been proficient at communicating with, and supporting, the valuable retailer network and, for the RSM’s, the customers are partners and friends so any training is an informal, mutually beneficial exercise.

In essence, Craig’s digital training sessions, and those of the team, tend to focus on providing a tailored approach, dependent on the level of requirement from the retailer. As new showrooms/retailers need to understand how to start with sales, the focus is on basics from brochure usage, FAQ’s, generic support. The second and third phases are generally split into stages of showroom/retailer development, profitability enhancement, identifying key business opportunities and specific product selection, and purchase history analysis.

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