Clearstone resin bound paths

The contemporary homes in this North London residential development are linked by undulating walkways – one of which leads onto Hampstead Heath. The discerning homeowners wanted the original worn tar and chip replaced with a light, flexible surface that would look beautiful, feel comfortable to walk on and last a long time.

With 20 apartments, there were quite a few clients to please. Clearstone installed resin bound test patches of 1.5m² in four different colours and the residents chose Bronze Trio. Clearstone laid 705m² over the existing pathways to a thickness of 18mm and, for a clean sharp finish, Clearstone edged the paths with aluminium AluXL.

Durable and long-lasting, Clearstone resin bound is a water-permeable SuDs compliant surface, so there’s no puddling, low maintenance and it’s easily cleaned with a quick power-wash.

Clearstone uses only the highest quality resins and aggregate blends, so their paving won’t crack or fade and, because they formulate their own BBA certified product ClearBound, they offer a 10-year guarantee.

Residents’ management committee members say,

“Everyone is happy. It looks 100 times better than before and the Clearstone people were very professional and helpful.”