Housing 2022 Preview: Jackon UK Ltd – Stand C37

JACKON is a leading manufacturer of polystyrene building products, which make a positive contribution to the construction of highly energy-efficient buildings due to very low energy inputs required for heating or cooling.

The company has two building systems – THERMOMUR® – an ICF wall system, manufactured from expanded polystyrene (EPS), comprising robust pre-formed blocks with a hollow core, which is filled with a concrete pour during construction; and JACKODUR® ATLAS – an extruded polystyrene (XPS) system, which provides thermal insulation systems for floor slabs. JACKON brings its 60 years’ expertise in EPS and XPS manufacturing to this market.

ICF is a modern ‘Future Homes Ready’ construction method, which is widely used in Europe and North America, but is now rapidly growing in popularity in the UK as well. It integrates insulation materials into the concrete formwork, totally revolutionising the way a house is constructed.

For building interiors, JACKON also offers JACKOBOARD® – the leading UK brand of polystyrene-based construction boards and tile backerboards for wet rooms and showers. The boards are moisture resistant, waterproof, thermally insulating, lightweight and very strong.