How home developers can keep their sales up during COVID-19

With the last year feeling like some sort of fever dream for many, businesses across the country, in various sectors, have felt the brunt of the pandemic. Home developers and builders alike have seen delays to their projects like never before, with 96% of builders during the first lockdown specifying that they either had to stop some or all of their work. So, as we find ourselves trundling through another lockdown, how can you keep sales up during the pandemic as a home developer? To help you figure out the answer to this challenging question, we have created a helpful guide below to guide and assist you during this time. Read on for more!

Ensuring a Clean and Sterile Environment

This is of utmost importance, now more than ever. Ensuring you have a clean working environment during the initial project and upon its completion means you are sure to have the houses taken off the market in no time; you won’t be facing any further delays! Deep cleaning the properties regularly is paramount and could be time-consuming when faced with several to clean at one time.

If this is the case, consider hiring the services of businesses that provide disinfectant fogging in the UK. Ideal Cleaning are experts in Coronavirus disinfection and offer various commercial cleaning services; perfect for home developers wanting to disinfect their properties from viruses and other bacteria. Not to mention, the homeowners who purchase one of the properties can rest assured that they will be moving into a clean and sterile environment.

Keeping Up to Date with Rules and Guidelines

As we know, the current Coronavirus restrictions that we are experiencing, seem to have changed with the weather. As business owners – and in this case, home developers/project managers – this can be an increasingly frustrating and stressful time; there are so many factors to consider and monitor at one time.

To protect your business from harm and ensure that you are not faced with any fines or prosecution from accidentally breaking lockdown restrictions, it is always best to ensure that you are in tune with the latest updates. Checking and reviewing them regularly will give you a better idea of what you can do as a home developer and how you can adapt the ways that you are working to fit in.

By having up-to-date information about the current goings-on, you can ensure that the potential buyers are not being misled and that there are no further delays to the sales.

Monitoring the Market

Finally, we are sure that this is something you would have been doing before the pandemic, but it is just as important now. By monitoring any monetary changes that are occurring and seeing how well competitors are doing themselves, you can gauge a better idea about the state of the housing market, and how best you can use that to suit your project.

However, it is not all doom and gloom, for some housing experts have stated that, as a result of the stamp-duty holiday issued by the government, there has been an increased demand for housing; perfect for all you home developers out there looking to sell the homes that you have worked hard to create.