Important Things to Know When Building Your Own House

If moving house is generally considered to be in the top three most stressful things that anyone can do, then building one from the ground upwards has to be number one. So, whether you have already signed the contract with the builders or are simply at the blueprint stage, here are some important things to know when building your own house. 

Find the Right Plot for You

Firstly, hopefully you will not need to be reminded that the plot you choose is far and away the most crucial element of the planning process, and as such, even if you have been stalking a certain area for a long time now, you must lead with your head and not your heart.

Speaking to reputable, local estate agents is definitely a good place to start, and do not hesitate to register your interest with them as soon as you are certain you want to proceed. Another important component of finding the right plot upon which to build on is to find out what planning restrictions apply to the area and, more importantly, how easy it will be to fulfill all the requirements. 

Arrange All the Necessary Checks First

Part and parcel of planning, especially for self-builders, your new build is to arrange the relevant checks when you have purchased an existing building with a view to gutting it and starting again from the beginning. 

In the UK, asbestos was and continues to be an issue, and it is important to first ascertain if your building has any trace and, what is more, if it does, what type of asbestos you have. Luckily, white asbestos is relatively cheap to eradicate, but if the assessor finds brown or blue asbestos, this can reach tens of thousands of pounds. 

Use Sustainable Building Materials

Next, not only is it your moral obligation to do everything you can to use sustainable building materials, both in the context of the core foundations and items of décor and interior design, but it will also help lower your carbon footprint and even reduce your household bills. 

Not only is Quorn Stone, for example, a sustainable and entirely environmentally friendly choice for any number of rooms within your home, but will also afford you a low-maintenance, simple cleaning schedule and, additional value in the property and unique, striking flooring throughout. 

Secure Your Funding & Always Over-Budget 

Another crucial thing to remember if you are building your project by yourself, and indeed, when you intend on hiring a contracted construction company, is to ensure you have completely secured your funding for the entire project in plenty of time for the work to commence.

Following are the main ways in which you can fund your new building project, with the majority of people usually utilizing a combination of two or more:

  • Self-Build Mortgage
  • A Remortgage on a Second or Third Home
  • Land Purchase
  • Selling Your Existing Home in Order to Release Equity
  • Personal Savings