Intelligent integration in the kitchen with the new BLANCO UNIT product combination offers

Making kitchen life easier every day.

BLANCO UK has launched a new concept for the busiest area of the kitchen with a new direction, style and brand campaign – designed to help customers create feature-rich, creative kitchen hubs; and to help retailers with sales opportunities. BLANCO UNIT combines sinks, taps, in-cabinet waste and organisation systems into innovative and flexible solutions for modern kitchen life.

BLANCO UNIT – drink, prep, clean.

Everything needed in the busy space is all in one place with the new BLANCO UNIT which creates a space-saving, timesaving, creative hub at the heart of the home.

Sinks, taps and waste bins are the most frequently used items in the kitchen yet are often not given the consideration that they deserve. The BLANCO UNIT concept combines premium kitchen products as flexible packs so customers can choose items to suit their kitchen style, lifestyle and investment level.

Water plays an essential role in kitchen life, from drink and food preparation to washing, hygiene and cleaning. The BLANCO UNIT lets the customer choose from feature-packed smart taps, boiling water, stunning semi-professional or classic mixer taps in a variety of finishes. Sinks and bowls can be selected from a huge range of designs, styles, materials, colours and installation options, and come with ingenious accessories. With these clever combinations, everything above the work surface becomes a multifunctional sink area that works beautifully, is easier to use and keep clean, and simply looks great.

BLANCO has also organised the under-sink space. In-cabinet storage, organisational products, waste management systems and food waste disposal units declutter and make intelligent use of a space that can otherwise be a bit of a dumping ground.

There are hundreds of benefits in having a seamless kitchen hub from BLANCO, from making kitchen tasks easier to saving time, energy and the environment. Some benefits will be specific to the customers’ lifestyles, while some of the product combinations have the potential to change the way the kitchen space is used possibly influencing the future of kitchen planning and design.

A simple example is the added efficiencies in food preparation. Vegetables can be chopped on a food board that sits securely over the bowl or on the drainer, having just been rinsed with the pull-out tap spray and drained in the colander. The pan is ready and waiting and offcuts can be thrown into the in-cabinet food caddy. The packaging can be placed in the recycle bin next to the caddy while a cloth from the storage shelf is grabbed to wipe down the surfaces. All the prep, mess, water and waste is contained in the BLANCO UNIT.

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