More and more has to be done off-site

Nick Whittle, joint md of timber frame manufacturer Target Timber Systems, says that “all building methods have to meet the same strict criteria laid down by local authority building control and/or the clients specific requirements.” Arguably some methods of build can obtain higher levels of thermal efficiency easier than others, and some are more environmentally sustainable than others, but all have to comply.

The property market has evolved to accept all methods of construction, there is no longer a prejudice against any form of established building method, whether it be timber, masonry, or steel, the decision is based on the most economical, fastest and practical solution.

There are plenty of builders and developers who will not change from their preferred methods, sighting “we have always done it this way so why change?” this opinion has to respected, but we have to be open minded and accept that there are always better ways of doing things.

“With the amount of homes needed the biggest problem the industry faces is the shortage of skilled site labour, so whether we like it or not more and more has to be done off-site in factory controlled conditions or its not going to happen at all”.