Pegler’s TMVs – The perfect solution to temperature safety and scalding

The Pegler TMV brand has been a major force in valves for over 100 years and part of its continuing development has met the challenge in the manufacture of anti-scald in line thermostatic mixing valves.

Offering full compliance with all Regulations and Best Practice, the comprehensive Pegler range of anti-scald Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) combines high quality manufacture and top-of-the range performance with remarkable ease of installation and servicing. The Pegler TMV range is compact in design and has high levels of specification, meeting NHS specifications and complying with Building Regulations for new build installations. With the temperature pre-set at 43 degrees, it is the perfect solution to hot water safety issues and scalding problems. A further key advantage of the Pegler TMV is the element of choice. With a Choice of compression (PEG402 series) and push fit connections (TX405 series) and further choice of standard, easy to service union connections or 90° angle valve combinations, the Pegler TMV is built to cater for varying needs and situations. Application wise, the Pegler TMV range is suitable for sinks, wash basins, bath, bidets, single point showers, hair wash sprays and domestic hot water systems. The high quality and reliability of this product range is yet again reinforced by its WRAS approval and BSI Kitemark license.

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