Running a green energy company? We’ve found the best ways to promote it

If you’ve started a renewable energy company recently, there’s no doubt that you’ve noticed just how competitive this new market sphere is becoming. With overall energy production accounting for over three quarters of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, entrepreneurs are looking to new schemes and cutting-edge technologies to seize a spot on the renewable market.

So, how can you make your company stand out? In this guide, we’ll look at the best ways to promote your green company, both online and offline.

  • Start with the basics

Improving your local and regional visibility strategy makes a fantastic starting point. Posters, billboards, and other real-time messaging solutions boast impressive potential to reach new customers. The surge in popularity of digital out-of-home advertising helped it to account for almost two thirds of total out-of-home revenue in the UK.

However, advertising in public doesn’t have to cost the earth. Stripped-back, old-fashioned marketing techniques might not be as widely used now, but they’re still just as effective.  

  • Stand out visually

If you’re heading to local business fairs and events within the industry, make sure your booth or stall stands out with eye-catching banners or booklets. First impressions always count, and if you and your team are manning your booth, physical advertising also makes a great conversation starter.

Whether you chose a brand slogan to display or an emotive image, choosing to display it on paper could easily attract new clients to your company.

  • Discover LinkedIn

As a social platform intended solely for professional networking, LinkedIn is booming. Giving your business this kind of online presence generates opportunities to generate new leads, increase your overall reach and brand authority, and to see your social selling truly take off.

  • Prioritise geotargeting

Search engine marketing can be confusing. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend investing in geographically focused search engine marketing. Reaching local people first is an effective way to see your business grow, while targeting specific services to certain locations can also be invaluable.

  • Never underestimate word-of-mouth!

Don’t doubt the significance of your reputation, both amongst your client base and other businesses operating in the industry. Be professional in all engagements, work with integrity, and try to fulfil every promise. Through honest, friendly trading your reputation will improve naturally, leading to your current clients spreading a good word for your business.