SIEGENIA’s new innovative AEROMAT flex trickle vent

Just in time for the new Part F regulations, SIEGENIA last year launched an innovative trickle vent solution to the UK market that removes the need for the fabricator/installer to cut through the window frame.

New government legislation due to come into play in June 2022 will see trickle vents become mandatory on all refurbishment/replacement projects. Installing trickle vents into new windows usually requires the work of a competent person with a router and cutting through the new frame to form a clean air path for the trickle vent. This is clearly a time-consuming and costly task.

SIEGENIA’s AEROMAT flex is based around a slim 10mm profile and designed to sit horizontally or vertically on the window frame, singularly or in pairs to allow the passage of air over the frame. Installation is straightforward and only requires a single screw to secure the vent to the frame. The window, complete with vent, is then introduced into the recess, the 10mm gaps filled and installation is completed in the usual manner.

In addition, the AEROMAT flex also has the added benefit of being an effective acoustic ventilator, capable in the standard version of absorbing 41dB of external noise. This can be further enhanced by the inclusion of additional sound modules up to a max of 55dB. A humidity version is also available, which automatically regulates airflow through the vent based on humidity levels.

To simplify selection AEROMAT flex’s telescopic duct can be adjusted onsite to suit profile depths ranging from 70mm to 125mm with optional extensions to accommodate profiles up to 235mm. Internal width and depth dimensions are 450mm x 45mm; externally it’s 500mm x 45mm.

For more information, please contact SIEGENIA on 02476 622000 or our Head of Ventilation Sales, richard.poole(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)