Sika Everbuild helps pave the way to patio success

If you’re planning a patio and working with porcelain tiles, then SikaCeram® FlowFix bonding primer and jointing compound system can help keep you on the right path.

Providing everything you need in two simple steps, the SikaCeram® FlowFix system is quick and easy to use – perfect for large areas. It has been engineered to provide excellent adhesion during the installation process and give an attractive, long-lasting finish on both porcelain and ceramic paving tiles.

Available as part of Sika Everbuild’s high-performance range of landscaping solutions, SikaCeram®-62 FlowFix Bonding Primer provides an exceptional bond between porcelain paving and the bedding mortar. SikaCeram®-62 FlowFix Bonding Primer can be applied by brush or roller to the underside of the paving during installation to increase the bond strength between the paving slab and mortar bed. It’s ready to use when mixed with just water and is fully cured in 72 hours.

Once installed, the porcelain paving tiles can be finished with SikaCeram®-621 FlowFix  Jointing Compound, a controlled, cementitious flowable jointing grout. Easy to use by mixing with water on site, SikaCeram®-621 FlowFix Jointing Compound is suitable for joints between 3-10mm wide and 20mm in depth and is poured on and worked into the joints using a squeegee. Fast and effective, the jointing compound can cure in as little as 60 minutes, depending on site conditions, to achieve a non-permeable finish and is available in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Buff and Ivory.

To help guide you through your project, there is lots of help and advice available online including a handy coverage calculator and an application guide video. To discover more about the SikaCeram® FlowFix system and the resources available, please visit