Stannah introduce new cost-effective passenger lift range, plus new finishes

When looking for a lift for a development, selecting the right lift can be a challenge. This is why Stannah Lifts has introduced a new range of entry-level passenger lifts that are not only cost-effective but also much easier to specify. With new interiors across the range and a tailored consultative approach on lift selection, Stannah has long been a favourite for construction professionals looking for more personal service.

Many different factors need to be considered to ensure that the selected lift is right for the building, and the lift specification, despite sometimes a myriad of choice, options and configurations, does not cause long-term headaches. With a broad range of lift products to suit all housing projects, Stannah has long been a favourite for developers and housebuilders – as case studies can testify 

Increasingly, ticking off the checklist while understanding requirements for fire-fighting, evacuation and ensuring the correct specification for the building make lift selection confusing. Plus the trend for high-end housing means a desire for upmarket lift car finishes and designs, or placing a platform lift, or dumbwaiter, in smaller housing properties.

Latest new products. The same great legacy.

With a 150-year legacy of delivering lifts to satisfied customers. A company that has been in business for this long knows how to constantly refresh products to stay ahead of construction trends and keep focused on its customers’ needs.

“We believe specifying the right passenger lift should be effortless. No one should have to compromise between performance, dimensions and design,” explains Alastair Stannah, Managing Director at Stannah Lifts. “That’s why we’ve simplified our offering into the straightforward Maxilift range – for cost-effective, quick to specify and install traction lifts. And Xtralift, our extensive range of fully customisable traction lifts.”

“While all our lifts are built to the same high standards and comply with all regulations, we know that some projects require a simpler specification, delivery and installation process,” continued Alastair. “We’ve improved the manufacturing of our most cost-effective traction passenger lift and have focused on the most popular finishes and sizes with our Maxilift range. It is the perfect entry-level lift.”

All Stannah passenger lifts remain open protocol to ensure, if needed, switching between providers for facility managers and housing associations is easy.

Maxilift keeps things simple, focusing on our most popular finishes and sizes with options for 6, 8 or 13 passengers, covering up to 6 stops. Meanwhile, the new core Xtralift range is designed to cater for projects that require much more flexibility, such as fire-fighting lifts for hi-rise housing and lifts that require an element of robustness, such as vandal resistant Category 1 and 2 compliant lifts. Xtralift products give construction professionals more choice across lifts for between 4 to 46 passengers. Irrespective of the model, or finish required, Stannah lifts remain as hard-wearing and energy-efficient as ever.

New sleek designs

The range also has brand new styling, a choice of finishes and new full height or half height car operating panels, plus smaller dimensions for the controller cabinet. The latest design of new displays with larger screens as standard, with optional TFT and remote update of multimedia content. Stannah specialises in creating beautiful bespoke lift finishes so we can design your lift to make a statement. 

Whether you’re working with an existing lift shaft or developing a new building, there’s a Stannah lift to fit your space. 

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