Suburban dwellers tempted by the city once again

The long reigning pull of suburban living has been surpassed by a growing demand for urban living, once again. Since 2001 there has been a 40 per cent rise in the number of people living in city centres.*

Urban dwellers are choosing their city centre locations because of local amenities, transport links and increasingly, green spaces that were once the prime factor for suburban living.

Barratt Homes continues to respond to the needs of house hunters with its range of flexible and adaptable urban developments including villas, apartments and townhouses for discerning buyers.

Turning to townhouses

A three storey townhouse is the perfect solution for house hunters to maximise on the urban space available to them. A townhouse allows homeowners the luxury of space, flexible living solutions and privacy while retaining their city centre location.

With 75 per cent of the country spending most of their leisure time at home these house types are tailor-made for the needs of many modern buyers.

Green escapes

Traditionally inner-city living was thought of as granite, sandstone, render – and not much green space in between.

However, house builders have put place-making and creating communities at the heart of their development planning and now incorporate green spaces, communal spaces and even bike stores on a range of urban developments.

Estelle Sykes, sales director, Barratt West Scotland said:

“We know that buyer demands are changing which is why we are constantly evolving and responding. The additions we have made to our urban developments make them family spaces, first time buyer spaces and places where people can grow with their loved ones.”


Urban flats have not traditionally been an option for wheelchair users however with a focus from house builders and architects on making spaces suitable for everybody more and more apartment blocks are equipped to suit people with physical disabilities.

All of the apartment blocks at Riverside @ Cathcart can be accessed by the lifts that are installed into three of its four apartment buildings.

A selection of apartments at the development are equipped with low level access, bathrooms that are wheelchair friendly and can accommodate full wheelchair circulation and there are designated disabled parking bays available throughout the site.

Developers are responding to consumer demands and changing demographics by taking steps to open up city living to a wider range of people.

Barratt Homes has integrated these elements into their new developments, with their Riverside @ Cathcart development at the forefront of this.

Riverside @ Cathcart is a selection of two bedroom apartments and three and four bedroom homes. The development is set in the heart of Glasgow’s southside and is surrounded by trees, green spaces and a tranquil river while being just a stone’s throw from Glasgow’s iconic Queen’s Park.