The best features to entice renters to your property

Not every feature in a property is one that renters will find appealing. It’s useful to put yourself in the mind’s eye of the potential renter to see what will hold the most interest for them, rather than to make faulty assumptions.

Here are some of the best features that may entice a renter to choose one property over another.

Clean Lines and Free Space
Whether the dimensions of each room are on the small side or expansive, it never pays to overstuff a home with too many furnishings because it creates a cluttered look.

Focus on the quality and comfort of furnishings, instead of how many there are. Their usefulness and functionality are also plus points too.

New Radiators
The last thing that a renter wants is to fiddle around with the radiator system. Like most things in their life, a renter expects household things to be simple and “to just work”.

For developers and estate agents, that can be a problematic approach, but it’s a reality. Certainly, millennials don’t want to be on their knees trying to figure out a complicated radiator heating system. They’d rather be doing something more interesting.

To satisfy this need, it’s useful to have traditional radiators installed. They’re generally well understood, work as intended, and don’t have an array of confusing settings to fiddle with. The range of these types of radiators from Just Radiators is broad enough to get just what’s needed for new developments. And if you need any advice, the experts  offer a Live Chat and are ready to assist you at You should hopefully find exactly what you are looking for.

Appealing Outdoor Space
The outdoor space of a property rental is important. When there isn’t any space to spend outdoors on fair weather days, then it creates a feeling of being cooped up even when the flat or house is a good size.

Outdoor areas don’t necessarily need to be expansive either. If the plot size just didn’t allow for much exterior space, renters will still find a small patio area with patio furniture to be extremely practical.

While green turf and plant life are preferable, being able to enjoy the back garden without needing to go to a friend’s place or hang out in the park still adds value, and shouldn’t be skipped.

Energy Efficiency by Design
While it’s excellent when the fitted radiators are energy efficient, ideally the home should have these features by design.

The property development should be thoughtfully conceived towards energy efficiencies, like reliable insulation, better-quality windows, draught-proof doors, and low energy lighting systems.

Blinds and window decorations should shield the home from the midday and afternoon sun to prevent it from heating up too. These types of little touches aren’t always immediately noticed but they do keep the future utility bills down which is notable.

Extra Features with Broad Appeal
Extra features that will make one listing stand out from another go the extra mile. It makes an estate agent’s life much easier when they have something to use to promote a listing, for example:

Thoughtful Extras
A carefully designed bedroom that includes additional storage space is always a winner. Extra mirrors and enough power sockets to charge electronic devices overnight are both particularly useful and sorely missed when not present.

Better Appliances
The lesser quality appliances have lower capacities, aren’t as energy-efficient, and offer fewer programmed cycles.

For instance, a double oven is preferred over a single oven model. A dishwasher with a greater number of plate settings or a washer/dryer with extra programmed cycles is welcomed.

Excellent Plumbing
On the plumbing side, it’s important to have sufficient water pressure on all floors. So, the pump system to move the water must be strong enough to provide that.

Split out the water supply between the dishwasher and washer/dryer, so renters aren’t stuck only able to run either appliance but never both at the same time.

Impressive Illumination
A poorly lit room is noticed right away, creates a gloomy feeling, and puts potential tenants off renting the property. Arranging the lighting to provide luminance in different parts of each room ensures that there aren’t dark spots.

For example, don’t expect that a bedroom won’t ever require lighting other than near the bed and wardrobe areas. With larger rooms and properties where rooms are rented individually with a shared kitchen, sometimes renters add desks in their bedroom and work from there for improved privacy from other tenants in a shared house.

Also, increase the number of lights and capacity to handle that. Then tie them into a smart system to allow the renter to control the light level in individual rooms using their smartphone or tablet.

Along with the above suggestions, a catchy property description goes a long way too. Therefore, using the services of an experienced estate agent who knows just how to pitch a property rental is the final icing on the cake.