Vicaima Fire Doors: Safety and Innovation in harmony

In the realm of fire safety, Vicaima has established itself as a leading manufacturer of fire doors, setting new standards in the industry. With a commitment to quality and performance, Vicaima has consistently demonstrated its ability to produce fire doors that not only meet but exceed industry norms.

Vicaima’s fire doors form a significant part of the 2 million doors produced annually in their factory. The company’s unique approach to construction sets it apart from the competition. Instead of using door blanks, Vicaima focuses on traditional construction with the Vicaima Solid Core, providing a more secure base for the fitting of essential ironmongery and a key reason why installers and post-installation inspectors have greater confidence when assessing a Vicaima fire door or doorset product.

The company’s dedication to innovation is evident in its extensive range of doorset and kit solutions. These products, under the Easi-Fit and Portaro brands, are designed to create a complete, fully tested assembly, not only encompassing fire performance, but with security and acoustics where required. This approach is increasingly advocated by government and industry as the way to ensure the whole system is safe and compliant.

Golden Thread

Vicaima applies the principles of the Golden Thread through its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. The Golden Thread is a concept that refers to maintaining a consistent approach to quality and performance throughout a product’s lifecycle, from design to delivery and beyond.

Innovation is another key aspect of the Golden Thread, and Vicaima is a leader in this area. The company’s unique approach to door construction, a focus on trend-setting design, and its extensive range of fire performance solutions, all demonstrate its dedication to future market needs.

Ai Innovation

In an era where flexible working is increasingly the norm and technological advancement moves at an ever-increasing pace, this year sees the launch of Vicaima24/7. This Ai driven chatbot is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, guiding users to a wealth of information spread across installation instructions, maintenance advice, technical datasheets, and many other resources, thus ensuring queries are handled efficiently and effectively.


Traceability is a key feature of Vicaima fire doors. This is achieved through unique ink-jet markings on the top edge of the door. These markings help to identify the Vicaima Door model / range, performance, finish, dimensions, and core. Additional data relating to its SKU or product code, manufacturing batch number, and year of manufacture code are also included.

Furthermore, Vicaima fire doors carry tamper-evident labels and/or BM TRADA Q-Mark plugs, depending on the performance specification. These labels and plugs, along with the Vicaima manufacturing codes, provide complete visibility to important information both at the time of installation and throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Sustainability / ESG

The Vicaima Group is committed, within the framework of the ESG (Environment, Social and Corporate Governance) criteria, to making its contribution towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations.

Vicaima acts with the responsibility of providing the market with solutions that have a reduced impact on the environment, are accessible to all and ensure people’s safety and well-being and contributing to a more inclusive way of living.

As we look to the future, Vicaima continues to lead the way in fire safety. Regardless of what regulatory changes may come, Vicaima is committed to providing appropriate solutions and being the first choice for a safer tomorrow.

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