Why does it matter who is behind my structural warranty?

For many, a structural warranty is just a box to tick on your to do list for your development, but with the economy being affected so drastically by Covid-19 it has never been so important to know who is protecting your investment. The warranty provider that you choose is important. A lot of horror stories arose in the last few of years, with some warranty providers folding, unable to provide the cover that was promised to homeowners throughout the UK. That’s why you need to look for the A-rated seal of approval when you choose your warranty provider.

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Government relaxes planning rules for converting unused commercial buildings into homes

Relaxed planning laws making it easier for developers to convert unused commercial buildings into housing in England have been tabled today

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12 things you need to know about the government’s latest permitted development changes

The government confirmed it would go ahead with plans to introduce a new permitted development (PD) right allowing a range of commercial uses to convert to housing without needing a planning application, though it has introduced a number of new restrictions on the measure.

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Why consider Build-Zone for your structural warranty?

The Build-Zone team has vast experience in an extensive range of Structural Warranties in the UK and Ireland for over 20 years.

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