Will a garden office add value to my property?

One of the main reasons people choose to extend their property is because they believe it will add value. However, this is a huge project that can cost a fortune and leave you feeling overwhelmed.

If you are looking for more space then maybe you should consider building a summer house or a garden office. But will these buildings increase the value of your property? The short answer is, yes, they will. The increase in value might not be as high compared to investing in bricks and mortar, but your garden office will add value in the following ways:

Increase in Floor Space
Buyers are attracted to houses that have a good amount of usable floor space. Lots of buyers now prefer open plan conversions because of this reason. A garden office or summer house gives your property the extra floor space that they are looking for. It doesn’t matter what you currently use the extra space for, buyers will see past this and know they can use it for whatever they choose.

More Attractive to Business Owners
Having an on-site office that is separate from the house is a big plus for small business owners. It gives them a space to work where they will not be disturbed, and they are close to their family should they be needed. It also means they will save time and money spent travelling to an office. Many professionals are willing to pay a higher price for a property that has this convenience already there.

Improves the Look of Your Garden
Even the smallest garden rooms can make a garden look impressive. You can choose from these summer houses which are available in a range of sizes and styles if you’re looking for something to improve the look of your garden. Wooden summer houses and offices can be made to fit your needs and the size of your garden. Garden offices and rooms are often seen as a big bonus by potential buyers. Buyers will immediately be drawn to the space and will start thinking about how they would use it.

Speed Up the Sale
Garden rooms and offices add a ‘wow’ factor to properties. This will make your property stand out against the competition. Houses with garden rooms tend to have a higher number of viewings, which in turn makes it likelier that you will sell your property quickly. Because of the increase in interest, potential buyers will tend to stick close to the asking price to ensure they don’t miss out.

Will it Increase the Value?
It’s hard to put an exact figure on how much money a garden office or room will add to your property. There are lots of things that could affect the price of your property from the location to the space available. In some places, similar houses that are only a few streets apart could be on the market for completely different values. However, most garden rooms add approximately five per cent to the value of a property. This is often more than enough to cover the price of installing the garden room.

Garden rooms and offices have the potential to add money to your property without the hassle of undertaking an extension. It is important to find a good quality garden office. If your office is of poor quality, it is more likely to put potential buyers off.