Wraptite® chosen for zero carbon homes offsite development

The Wraptite external air barrier system from A. Proctor Group has been chosen for an exciting low energy homes offsite project for developer Osco Homes.

Commissioned by Kirklees Council, the site will demonstrate how high quality, energy-efficient housing can be achieved using offsite construction. The bungalows are designed to be light, spacious, and desirable but must also mitigate fuel poverty and provide a safe and healthy environment where residents can live.

The superior airtightness performance of the Wraptite membrane from the A. Proctor Group is the perfect solution, delivering significant benefits to the combination of in-factory manufacture and on-site housing construction.

Gwen Beeken, Managing Director at Osco Homes, describes how Wraptite was key to achieving a quality airtightness solution suited to offsite construction.

“Although an essential requirement is that the homes had to meet Building Regulations, both the client and OSCO Homes were keen to exceed this. The use of high-quality panels, with a high-performance membrane, built in a factory and assembled on-site, enables OSCO Homes to achieve a better airtightness and higher level of insulation, helping to reduce heating bills. The ease with which Wraptite achieves a high level of airtightness and its ability to be joined across panels was key to its selection.

“Applying it in a factory environment, we can be confident of the quality of the installation, and the specially provided Wraptite Tape means making the joints onsite is simple.

“Wraptite performs really well. We used to use a membrane, which would get damaged during transport, flapping around, and would then be difficult to make the joints neatly. Now, using the Wraptite detail means no edges are exposed during transportation.”

The Wraptite air barrier system offers a safer and simplified membrane system. It provides a fully self-adhered vapour permeable air barrier certified by the BBA and combines the critical properties of vapour permeability and airtightness in one selfadhering membrane. The self-adhesive membrane is easily applied in the factory, bonded externally to the substrate, and ensures that the membrane is held firmly in place, even during transportation, maintaining the quality of the system from installation to build and completion.