Panasonic further strengthens customer service strategy

Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions is continuing to invest in customer service to increase response times and improve satisfaction. Panasonic has partnered with two different support centres to strengthen service operations across Europe. The new partnerships guarantee the right service at the right time, putting customers first and strengthening support. Panasonic is dedicated to providing a high level of support with readily available customer liaison.

Panasonic’s support centres cover 16 European countries, with the aim of increasing availability in more countries overtime. “Our goal is to define the very best customer service strategy and create a truly modern, proactive customer service,” explains Richard Bishop, Panasonic Head of Marketing for UK and Ireland. “The highly experienced teams at our support centres are more than qualified to address Panasonic clients in 13 different languages, not just English.”

In addition to improving service via telephone, Panasonic has implemented a new contact page on the Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions website for potential or existing Panasonic customers. The latest additions to Panasonic Service are a great way to solve user concerns such as finding technical service, guidance on how to connect a product through the internet, help with obtaining the correct manuals and much more.

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